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Common Questions

Is Endodontic Therapy Painful?

Endodontic therapy usally involves no more discomfort than a routine filling appointment.  In fact, most endodontic therapy relieves pain.  Most stories of painful root canals are a holdover from the days before modern techniques and effective anesthetics were available.

How Long Will it Take?

Most cases can be done in one visit, though complex cases may require more than one appointment.  You should plan on one to two hours per treatment visit.  Due to long appointments, we request that you make arrangements for children to be cared for at home.

How Soon After Endodontic Therapy Should I Have a Crown Made For My Tooth?

After Endodontic Therapy has been completed, having a well-fitting crown made as soon as possible is of paramount importance for posterior teeth (molars and premolars).  This will prevent tooth fracture and leakage of bacteria into the tooth.  Tooth fractures can be severe, and result in loss of the tooth.  Bacterial leakage will result in recontamination of the root canal system and cause failure of otherwise successful endodontic therapy. 

Sometimes a crown may not be necessary for anterior (front) teeth or posterior teeth that already have an adequate crown.  A bonded filling to seal the endodontic access opening may be all that is necessary for these teeth.  

Can All Teeth Be Endodontically Treated Successfully?

A great majority of teeth can be treated successfully.  However, some teeth may be damaged beyond repair.  We will evaluate and explain potential complications before treatment. 

Endodontic therapy is highly successful, however, a few cases may require additional surgical treatment if the tissues do not heal normally after the endodontic treatment has been completed.  

What is the Alternative to Endodontic Therapy?

Once the dental pulp is diseased, the only alternative to endodontic therapy is extraction.  Replacing the tooth with a bridge or implant is generally more costly than the endodontic therapy and crown.

Will I Need To Return To Your Office For Follow-ups After Endodontic Therapy Is Completed?

In certain cases, it may be advisable to return to our office for a follow-up re-evaluation to make sure your tooth and adjacent bone is healing properly.  A recall evaluation is most often recommended to be done one year after completion of the endodontic therapy.  In those rare instances where the tooth continues to be symptomatic, it may be recommended sooner.