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University Pointe Endodontics

West Chester, OH

University Pointe Endodontics


Microscopic Endodontics

At University Pointe Endodontics we strive to stay on the cutting edge of endodontic technology.  Every treatment is performed under a dental microscope which allows for unparalleled vision of the inside of the tooth.   Advances in magnification, provided by the microscope, now enable us to work with greater accuracy, efficiency, and predictability; successfully treating teeth once considered to be hopeless. At such high levels of magnification (up to 30X), the microscope allows us to see the smallest detail inside the tooth and quite a way down into the root canals, simplifying the most difficult of endodontic procedures.

Limited Field Cone Beam Scan

While most treatment can be accomplished with conventional dental radiography, sometimes the need comes to take a three dimensional image.  With our cone beam CT (CBCT) scan we can obtain a three dimensional image that will improve treatment outcomes on difficult cases.